I Took the Red Pill…

Take Red Pill
Take Red Pill

Recently and as of late,
I discovered America’s fate.
It scared the hell out of me,
At first I wanted to flee.
But as I dug and peered below,
I saw the purpose of this great big show.
Pirates and Patriots were trading blows.
In dark places and the shadows.
At first it seemed so odd to me,
America falling; how could this be?
I first felt anger, then came hate,
This cannot be my country’s fate.
I went about my daily life,
I even married, took a wife.
Responsibly I voted, knowing I should,
That’s just politics, it’s all good.
I worked hard, providing for my family,
I chose to ignore all that calamity.
Bills to pay, a newborn baby on they way,
Soon rewarded with a raise in pay.
I got up early, stayed up late,
I didn’t worry about her fate.
Then one morning, breezy and cool,
My wife shouted, “This is so cruel!”
While I groomed, buttoned my shirt,
I saw the news anchor decry, “America hurt!”
Buildings falling, people dying,
Mr. Bush just stood there lying.
“It was Saddam, yes it was him!”,
“Come on America, let’s do him in!”
And so while acting in blind belief,
I got behind “Commander in Chief”
Hurting and limping, America sore,
We cried in unity, “Yes, let’s make war!”
“Go get him Bush!”, that was our creed,
They dropped the bombs, “Shock and Awe” indeed.
Our victorious battle call,
Rang out through America’s halls.
Then things seemed to get better for a while,
We burried our dead, cleaned up the pile.
“The terrorists are everywhere!”,
Bush and Chaney did declare.
New legislation did they sign,
To take our power, yours and mine.
We had no clue, we could not see,
This is America, We are Free!
As the war machine rolled on,
Its propoganda we relied upon.
Those who delivered the news each day,
Began to tell us what to say.
“Don’t believe this” and “you can’t do that”,
Just sit there and listen, We’re the ones with all the facts.
One day at home I heard a loud voice,
“Don’t believe it, they took your choice!”
Who is this guy, I thought to myself,
As I hung another shelf.
What’s he saying, He’s got gall,
This is America after all.
I decided to listen, then shook my head,
This guy’s crazy, I’m going to bed.
I could not sleep, I tossed, I turned,
Could it really be true, will America burn?
I kept ignoring what he had to say,
I don’t believe it, have a nice day.
Shortly after all of that,
I did some research, “I’ll disprove this cat.”
While I was looking up this and that,
I stubbed my toe on a glaring fact.
I said “Hey, now that sounds familiar.”,
“Where’d I hear that?” I asked myself,
Maybe it was something similar.
I was intrigued, I had to know,
Doesn’t that guy have his own show?
I started watching, cross-checking his facts,
Could it really be our own, committing these horrific acts?
Source after source showed that he spoke truth,
They’re taking America, brainwashing our youth.
How can we stop this, how can I help,
They’re so well funded, I tightened my belt.
Man I’m so hungry how prices have soared,
My meals look so tiny on my cutting board.
Finally Bush was on his way out,
“He tricked us that traitor!” that’s what I’d shout.
I could not believe it, I fell for his lies,
He was a wolf in sheep’s disguise.
Then came Obama, “I’ll save you, it’s true!”,
“Change you can believe in is what I’ll give you!”
“Vote for me people, I’ll save your home.”
“And just to prove it, here’s a free phone.”
Who should we vote for, so many signed up,
It seemed that they gave us all a full cup.
Obama, Kerry, Edwards, & Gore,
Hillary Clinton and many more.
So many choices up there on that stage,
Which one should we vote for,
Which one will save us from the terrorists’ rage?
I sat there reviewing each of their stats,
How can I trust them, these bunch of rats.
So many promise, then change their game,
Pointing to someone else for the blame.
Sickened and angry I said “Why should I vote? I’m off this boat”,
“This isn’t worth it.” I withdrew my name.
Obama said “Pick me, I’ll bring you change!”
Kerry said “Hey there! Uhm, what’s my name?”
Obama got landslide votes for his name,
Kerry and Edwards, the media shamed.
Elections were over, Obama won out,
Time to find out what this guy’s about.
I did more research, Alex did shout,
“This guy’s a shyster, Just kick him out!”
Soon others joined in, the battle raged on,
Finally I saw through Obama’s fake song.
Just like Bush and his predecessors in fact,
Obama been lyin, it’s all an act.
Now I’m yelling too,
Exposing their lies and sharing with you.
“What are you doing?” my friends they would say,
I said “I’m fighting evil in my own way.”
Some say I’m crazy, call me crackpot,
Of this I assure you, I certainly am not.
In the great battle for souls, hearts, and minds,
I came to realize, there isn’t much time.
America is burning as I pen this rhyme.
In this long struggle, I’ve seen many things,
Lies and fake news, the shame it all brings.
One thing is certain I finally see,
Truth, Justice, Liberty, those are for me.
These things are good for me, that much is true,
They’re what made us all Red, White, And Blue.
I love my country up there on the hill,
Once shining the light of Liberty, and Justice too,
I just want to save her, for me and for you.
That’s why I decided to take the Red Pill…

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