Ooho Edible Water – Great New Innovation Or Just Another Dangerous Marketing Ploy?

Did you ever wonder “How did they do that?” or “What are they putting in our food?” or how about “What is the packaging of my food and water made out of?”

Well here is some information I found out about regarding a new innovation that seems like it will be widely accepted and probably without much, if any, research on the part of the actual consumer(s) of this product…

What product am I referring too? It’s a new water bottle “innovation” that, on the surface, looks really healthy and great for the environment. As with everything, there is ALWAYS a trade-off when it comes to new technology and this one isn’t a worthwhile trade-off in my opinion

This new and “innovative” product is called Ooho (Pronounced Oh-Hoe):

This is the end result of my research on Ooho. I understand that I cannot know everything about this product just yet and so I invite you to join the dialog on this “Edible Water Bottle”. I hope we can ALL learn and benefit from this dialog…

Source videos YouTube:

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