Justice Hugo Black in DUNCAN v LOUISIANA Indicates Obama Would Not Be Eligible: Ineligibility Echoed by Former Attorney General Jeremiah Black


The same standards that apply to the current fraudulent usurper of our office of the President of the united states of America, (Barrack H. Obama), also applies to Mr. Ted Cruz who is also NOT a “Natural Born Citizen” of the united states of America. Insomuch as the current fraudulent perpetrator who has stolen the office of the President of the united states of America, should Ted Cruz somehow attain the seat of the Presidency of the united states of America, he too shall also be subject to the constitutional law that requires that Obama be impeached, arrested, and charged with high treason against the united states of America…

Natural Born Citizen

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Hugo Black, in a concurring opinion in Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U.S. 145 (1968), emphasizes his reliance upon the statements made by Representative Bingham and Senator Howard in Congress which pertain to the drafting and adoption of the 14th Amendment.  Justice Black stated that “it is far wiser to rely on” the words of Bingham and Howard when analyzing the 14th Amendment.

This is crucial to understanding that Obama is not eligible to be President as it provides the strongest Supreme Court statement – post Wong Kim Ark – indicating that the current occupant of the White House is not in legal possession of the office of President.

Here is the relevant statement by Justice Black:

“Professor Fairman’s “history” relies very heavily on what was not said in the state legislatures that passed on the Fourteenth Amendment. Instead of relying on this…

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