Hagmann & Hagmann report I found interesting – All Roads Lead to Rome: True Legends: The UnHoly See on The Hagmann Report 7/12/2016


True Legends: The Unholy See

(Click the picture above)
OK so when you listen to this be sure to keep an open mind. At first, I wasn’t paying close attention so I thought they were implying that the story about Aliens seeding earth was real and that they were coming back to save us,I was listening while redesigning my Twitter Profile so I got kinda distracted, missing some things they were saying, then I sent out some silly tweets expressing my frustrations that they might be trying to convince people that Alien Seeding was true.
Oops, I made myself look silly but I left the tweets up anyway. So then after I vented I listened better.
It’s not what I mistook it to be after all, in fact it is what I have been saying all along and that is that the “Alien Agenda” story was devised and IS Being pushed on the world in an attempt to fool us all and keep us from believing in or coming to God through Jesus Christ by buying the BS Alien story.
Here is a blog post I did on the subject as well for your perusal —-> Mysterious City Appears In Sky Above China

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