Footage of Army MP’s (Military Police) leaving a truck stop returning from “Medical Drills” Aug 16, 2016


I took this video on August 16, 2016 and had intended to upload it as soon as I got to a computer but I got distracted with my work and had forgotten where I moved the footage. I just found this while I was grooming my media files and so better late than never…

I was on break at a truck stop somewhere in the mid to south east if I can recall correctly, I can’t remember the location now since it has been so long but the general locale I believe is correct.

As I was going in to the store I encountered one of the enlisted men as he was departing and decided to see if he would be willing to talk to me about what they were up to.

He was a very nice kid and he explained to me that they had just returned from “Medical Maneuvers”. Hearing that I asked if they were escorting Navy Corpsmen and he indicated they were not, but that these were Army MP’s practicing medical maneuvers.

I just found that to be a bit alarming and also very indicative of what we can expect when the SHTF in either large scale or localized events.

My most likely guess is they may be training for some kind of intrusion on the people using force like a mandatory vaccination event or possibly a physical confrontation like possibly a fire fight. This is pure speculation on my part so don’t take me at my word as far as my presupposition. I am simply trying to make sense of this like the rest of us.

I will be capturing more footage of military movements as I am able to get them and trying to get information on what is happening.

This encounter went so smoothly as far as interviewing a member of the convoy, next time I will attempt to get a bit more detail…

RedPillRedPill signing off…

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