R.I.P. Flat Earth | SpaceX Launch Footage of inmarsat-5 f4 Reveals the Curve

RIP Flat Earth

2017-05-15-125554-350x231There sometimes, and rarely I might add, comes a time in the life of a truther when he/she has ample cause to scream from the rooftops “I TOLD YOU SO!” and this just so happens to be one of those times.

With all the back and forth vitriol in the Flat Earth vs. the Round Earth debate, one has to wonder if there will ever be an absolute end all argument which finally puts that fatal nail in the coffin of the opposition’s position on the matter.

Oh I know there will still be die-hards out there who will insist, even scream 2017-05-15-034328-350x267until their lungs come out of their chests, this is not proof but brother you just don’t get more verifiable than this.

In what is the sixth launch of the year for SpaceX, a Falcon 9 rocket deploying the Inmarsat-5 F4 communications satellite, Lifted off, from the Kennedy Space Center and was on schedule at the opening of a 51-minute launch window at 19:20 local time (23:20 UTC).

In the following footage you will clearly see once the rocket performs a successful 2nd stage separation and the 1st stage rocket booster housing is removed from the view of the external cameras on the rocket, that little planet of ours which we so lovingly refer to as Mother Earth suddenly appears as round as an expectant mother at 9 months into her pregnancy.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 upper stage engine during final 55 second burn to reach planned supersynchronous transfer orbit on 5/15/2017

So this is for all you Flat Earth nutters out there, and I believe I speak for the Round Earth proponents on the whole… WE TOLD YOU SO!!!

OK Flatheads bring it. Lets hear all the “it’s a fish eye lens” and all your other soft arguments to try to explain this one away… JUST KIDDING!

Actually let me tone that challenge down because I don’t want to turn this into a battle but rather make this an opportunity for unity and solidarity on both sides, to see both sides finally come together on this subject and for others to learn about the truth.

What I would really like to see come out of this revelation is a final peace between both sides about this Free Masonic psyop once and for all so people will stop wasting their valuable time chasing the elusive phantom of a flat earth now that the truth has finally come to light.

Once and for all we can finally put this silly debate to rest and focus our crucially important research resources on things that really matter like exposing the horrible cabal that is out to take control of the entire world system and enslave the rest of us before it is too late to stop them…

Now that would be a VERY worthwhile use of your time instead, would it not…?

Well, that’s all I have for now and I will leave you with my customary farewell saying – The Truth Is Out there Waiting To Be Found… Now go find more truth!

RedPillRedPill signing off…

7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Flat Earth | SpaceX Launch Footage of inmarsat-5 f4 Reveals the Curve

  1. Then how come when they do the laser test or can see chicago across lake Michigan in such a distance that curve should be evident. The curve is no there. The math is wrong or you are wrong I believe its both.


    • Its call refraction. Glass or crystal are typical elements to create lenses and prisms and the like. Our eye balls transmit images upside down and have to be flipped by the brain to be useful to us. Light waves can be bent, curved, split into separate colors. My glasses distort shapes when I am wood working and building. I have to depend on a box level to tell me if a board has a straight line or not, because of the distortion of my glasses. Just today driving from Portland to Biddeford,the most intense rainbow I ever saw was out. It was a bow, a half circle and the sun shining in the opposite horizon got bent to look line half a circle and the refracted to that the colors showed.

      Glass is one medium for changing shape and direction of composite light. The atmosphere has air and moisture in it so that it can bend light or split it as well. Put another way, light can be bent up or down so that it can literally shine over obstacles, to some degree, or shine around them, much like the rainbow. Most people do not realize that our atmosphere is a lens and that lens can vary depending upon weather, moisture in the air and things like that.
      The placement of the sun is an important aspect of the lens affect. It is the sun shining thru the atmosphere, who rays get bent, keeping light on objects instead of the light going straight thru the atmosphere without getting bent or curved.

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      • I don’t get it. You are unable to explain the spacex video by “fish-eye lens”, but you are able to explain seeing a laser DOT with the same color by bending, curving, slitting into colors independent of the distance. Not a flat earther, but your explanation is pure bullshit.


        • What ever you say, koko. How about you explaining all this for us since you are so much smater than we are. I’m all ears.


  2. is there a video taken from the actual rocket while taking off, rather than once its already up? If so, can u please post it please… txs


  3. Watch closer notice how lateral the rocket becomes as if not to hit a potential firmament. Also that sun spot looks suspiciously close and localized to one area, like it’s close then 92 million miles out.


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