The Great Satan Invites ISIS To An American Banquet

I think the Satanic Left is preparing to make a global move and I wonder how many people will be in total shock. The rest of this article is about the emergence of Islam in America, which has been percolating to the surface in so many places yet unnoticed by most people, like the slowly increasing spits and gurgles of a half-sleeping volcano just days before a sudden massive eruption. Islamic jihadists call America the Great Satan. Many Americans echo that sentiment as we watch the Satanic Left rampage through our cities and schools unopposed. But The Great Satan is luring Islam into its very center, hoping to sacrifice American Christendom to the Jihadis. What will happen to all of us?

National Geographic just produced a miniseries that is supposedly meant to scare young people away from ISIS recruitment but it actually presented a very powerful PRO-ISIS argument that even claims Islamic belief in the triumphant return of Christ! In the first episode it presents a teacher discussing the End Times this way. Even more disturbing is the difficulty you will have in finding ANY criticism of this miniseries online. Compare the Silence of The Trolls in this matter to any other media event! Watch the series with eyes open. It ends with a scene of one of the recruits encountering a very nasty reception upon her escape and return to the West.
Alongside that, the Catholic Church has recently begun promoting the Islamic connections to the story of Our Lady of Fatima. And the Home Shopping Network has been showing an incredibly Islamic style of women’s fashions, which follows a year or so that I have been noticing the sudden appearance of Islamic-style scarves everywhere in stores even though very few American women seem to be wearing them. This bodes well for the possibilities of reaching some kind of peaceful accord between Catholicism and Islam, but at what cost? For to what extent is the lack of awareness in the Christian and other sectors of the world going to result in even more strife and violence than we are already seeing?

Not long ago I was reading about problems in Mexico with some kind of home-grown Mexican Islam movement in the northern rural provinces. Put that together with the obvious ISIS-like style of Antifa,the apparent presence of Nation of Islam in the BLM movement, and it makes me wonder if we have weeks rather than years or months left before some kind of Apocalyptic uprising occurs.

Oh, and just one afterthought: did you know that a couple years ago, Louis Farrakhan ordered his Nation of Islam followers to start taking Scientology training after the Church of Scientology agreed not to challenge their religious loyalties?

Google it all, my friends. Google and gasp.

But start with this link, and read this article in the context of why anyone might want to steer a hurricane in the direction of the EXACT Texas town that was raising objections to this particular Saudi Arabian construction project:

Don’t tell anyone you heard it from me. *wink*

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