Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Cause Strange Wildfires

Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Cause Strange Wildfires Article Billboard

I don’t usually jump to conclusions when it comes to the current events of today and those items presented to me for consideration of the content within. When I first heard anything of interest to my palate on these fires, I was presented with a video showing drone footage of the burned down houses in Santa Rosa, CA.

At first I just took a glance at the video because I was busy writing a piece on something totally unrelated to these fires, so when I got a free moment I came back to the drone footage only to realize I had almost dismissed something phenomenal going on in California with these so called “Wild Fires”.

When I examined the footage in more detail I could see that there was something very wrong with the fire scene. I have had extended training in fighting forest fires from my time up in Yosemite National Park where I took a couple courses with the Rangers / Hot Shots.

We learned the basic 8 Survival course for surviving a forest / wild fire. Then I took the extended Fire 32 course.

In the extended course they taught us the techniques used to create something called “Fire Breaks”. This is a staple of fire fighting in the forest because what it does is it creates a gap in the fuels needed by the fire to spread. Your most basic Fire Break is approximately 5 meters (about 16 1/2 Ft.) in width and this provides a zone to slow down the spread of radiant heat to other fuel sources such as downed trees and shrubs or twigs on the ground that would act as perfect kindling to help the fire spread to new areas of the forest.

When you examine the footage of these fires you see just that and even other more strange anomalies that just don’t add up. While there are a great deal of “Fire Breaks”, it would seem that they did not stop the fire from radiating its heat outward toward cars on the street next to the burned out houses while at the very same time you can see that there are trees and shrubs right up against the very edges of these burned down houses that are still green and quite lush. It was as if the fire was “Dished out” to only certain areas and other fuels just seemed off limits. It was like the fire ate its meal like a fussy child. Some things it would consume and others it just “Skipped”, right over that fuel source, to a car or a mailbox.

This was when I started digging further and I came across more videos, one from and another before that from TruthByGrace. Both YouTubers were noting how odd the burn patterns were and how eerily familiar the burned out cars looked. TruthByGrace was comparing the damaged cars to those that were found on the site of the WTC Attack of 9/11 and in China after the explosion at one of their sites that was caused by a mysterious source.

Have a look at this video and we will study this strangeness together and I openly welcome your thoughts, theories, and collaboration. I will share this video, as I do all my videos, as creative commons and I openly invite you to use it in whole or in part for your own research videos for your channel. If it is not marked creative commons then it is because ScrewTube or some other ScrewTube source has filed a copyright claim to some tiny, minuscule portion of the footage or audio so they can greedily claim monetization. So don’t be fearful of using the content if it is up, it is not a stricken video. Use it at your leisure…

RedPillRedPill Signing off…

10 thoughts on “Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Cause Strange Wildfires

  1. I think you’ve got it – also 9/11 was likely DEW induced – I was an eye witness, on an air-conditioned express bus in Brooklyn on the Gowanus Expressway watching the smoldering Twin Tower building when the second plane hit and I felt a warmth wash over my body. I knew there was something wrong with that experience, I should not have felt heat energy from the distance I was (about 3/4 mile).

    When you look at the pinpoint precision that was implemented, gutting buildings leaving the walls up – it makes sense that they likely targeted the entire center core since its metal and like a large antenna once the melted that entire column collapse was imminent, and I doubt the technology didn’t exist back in 2001:

    See these posts:

    And download my private archive (check it periodically it is frequently updated):

    Also my playlist on YouTube regarding DEW induced (literally INDUCTION) California fires:

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    • This is the age that we must all learn to trust our intuition. There are enough people doing the investigative work for which they should be commended. My intuition tells me we are being poisoned with toxic chemtrail spraying and that DEWs are being used to start these forest fires, as part of Operation Scorched Earth. My pintuition also tells me that it’s true, Donald Trump is making heads roll regarding this pedophilia national emergency. These criminals know every possible way to circumvent the law, which is why they are being handled differently than other criminals. For the sake of the kids, it’s time to just take these people out based on the mountains of “unmistakable” evidence that already exists.


  2. there were fires in a small beachside town in australia; tathra… it is VERY similar situation, and to make it weirder, the fire service waited a few hours before asking for assistance… i dunno why that town but the fire focused on houses and not so much the trees…. like they have other plans for the area…….

    really does feel like the end of the matrix….

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