Agenda21 | SoCal Fires Same As Santa Rosa | Coffey Park DEW Fires In NorCal

Agenda21 SoCal Fires Same As Santa Rosa Coffey Park DEW Fires In NorCal billboard

Riverside, San Bernardino, Bel Aire, Ventura, San Diego California SoCal fire sites.

Fires everywhere ~ Fires in California are usually reserved for the hot summer season, not the dead of winter.

  • Unless it was SUPER HOT, I’m not buying it.
  • These fires were set deliberately.

Agenda21 is in play here:

Listen folks, these fires were obviously set deliberately and when I view the aerial shots, I see the fingerprint of Directed Energy Weapons in the way these fires are distributed, not unlike those in the NorCal fires of Santa Rosa and Coffey Park.

We may not have video shots of lasers this time around but the burn patterns are just not much different than those we saw in the Coffey Park and Santa Rosa fires up in Northern California.

View the evidence for yourself, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to observe the many similarities between the SoCal and NorCal fires and put 2 & 2 together.

It is clear to me, and I would assume to the common layman as well, that these fires are, at the very least, the result of a deliberate action plan.

Now the plan I am referring to might not be so obvious to most of the uninformed crowd so I will clarify which plan I am referring to and that plan is the UN Agenda21 plan. Also referred to openly by the more friendly sounding facade title of UN Sustainable Goals.

In my last video on the SoCal fires, I stated an obvious agenda was at work. I see that agenda at work in the spread or layout of the new SoCal fires. That agenda is one designed to herd people out of the rural areas and into the more densely packed cities where you are less likely to be able to live “Off Grid”.

The areas hit are where we find farms, ranches, and multi-acre land owners who possess the means to supply their own needs and provide greater resistance to the NWO agenda.

In the urban city environment you become more dependent on government and private corporations for basic needs. Needs like water, heat, electricity, food stuffs, & waste removal.

People living in urban cities are more vulnerable to a centralized control grid where you can be bullied by the centralized governing body to obey or lose access to the most basic of essentials for simple subsistence.

FEMA cannot easily control you if you are living “Off Grid” and are self sustainable and they know that all to well. Hence this plan to start herding people out of the rural areas and into the stack and pack cities.

Just look at Houston, TX and Puerto Rico as your perfect examples of how FEMA and the Red Crooks have taken whole areas hostage. Those people’s survival now depend solely on FEMA and the Red Crooks who are obviously not interested in getting things “back to normal” any time soon.

Now to the people of California I have this to say to you:

Wake up and stand up! Take a stand and unite NOW against the corrupt governments and demand action against this assault! Take back your land and your rights before FEMA comes to take them from you…

Understand this is not just an attack plan that is limited to the United States and outlying territories. This is also a global assault against our independence as a race of human beings. This is an all out attack on the sovereign rights of all peoples of the world. We all need to disregard our differences for now and unite against this massive force of evil that intends to enslave the human race. We ALL need to unite together and take our rights and our sovereignty back before it is too late…

I urge you all who are reading this, stand up now or forever you will become slaves to the global oligarchs…

RedPillRedPill signing off…

Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Cause Strange Wildfires

Directed Energy Weapons Are Being Used To Cause Strange Wildfires Article Billboard

I don’t usually jump to conclusions when it comes to the current events of today and those items presented to me for consideration of the content within. When I first heard anything of interest to my palate on these fires, I was presented with a video showing drone footage of the burned down houses in Santa Rosa, CA.

At first I just took a glance at the video because I was busy writing a piece on something totally unrelated to these fires, so when I got a free moment I came back to the drone footage only to realize I had almost dismissed something phenomenal going on in California with these so called “Wild Fires”.

When I examined the footage in more detail I could see that there was something very wrong with the fire scene. I have had extended training in fighting forest fires from my time up in Yosemite National Park where I took a couple courses with the Rangers / Hot Shots.

We learned the basic 8 Survival course for surviving a forest / wild fire. Then I took the extended Fire 32 course.

In the extended course they taught us the techniques used to create something called “Fire Breaks”. This is a staple of fire fighting in the forest because what it does is it creates a gap in the fuels needed by the fire to spread. Your most basic Fire Break is approximately 5 meters (about 16 1/2 Ft.) in width and this provides a zone to slow down the spread of radiant heat to other fuel sources such as downed trees and shrubs or twigs on the ground that would act as perfect kindling to help the fire spread to new areas of the forest.

When you examine the footage of these fires you see just that and even other more strange anomalies that just don’t add up. While there are a great deal of “Fire Breaks”, it would seem that they did not stop the fire from radiating its heat outward toward cars on the street next to the burned out houses while at the very same time you can see that there are trees and shrubs right up against the very edges of these burned down houses that are still green and quite lush. It was as if the fire was “Dished out” to only certain areas and other fuels just seemed off limits. It was like the fire ate its meal like a fussy child. Some things it would consume and others it just “Skipped”, right over that fuel source, to a car or a mailbox.

This was when I started digging further and I came across more videos, one from and another before that from TruthByGrace. Both YouTubers were noting how odd the burn patterns were and how eerily familiar the burned out cars looked. TruthByGrace was comparing the damaged cars to those that were found on the site of the WTC Attack of 9/11 and in China after the explosion at one of their sites that was caused by a mysterious source.

Have a look at this video and we will study this strangeness together and I openly welcome your thoughts, theories, and collaboration. I will share this video, as I do all my videos, as creative commons and I openly invite you to use it in whole or in part for your own research videos for your channel. If it is not marked creative commons then it is because ScrewTube or some other ScrewTube source has filed a copyright claim to some tiny, minuscule portion of the footage or audio so they can greedily claim monetization. So don’t be fearful of using the content if it is up, it is not a stricken video. Use it at your leisure…

RedPillRedPill Signing off…

Post about an article titled “CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9/11” from a FaceBook Post of mine

Just in case FaceBook (FaceCrooks) decides to delete this post ( to  hide the truth, here is a backup.
This is from the infoWars Group on FaceBook that I am a member of…
An ex-CIA pilot who says that the Twin Towers were not bought down by planes…|By Baxter Dmitry
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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Ryan Hall And yet you have provided no concrete reason for your attack. Can you disprove the information in the article Sir?

We will be awaiting an intelligent response soon…

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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Ryan Hall?, Hmm… Still waiting…

Here let me help get your giant brain going…See More

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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara @Ryan Hall Here Homie, Try this one on for size:

“Experienced commercial and military pilots have stated that the speed and manoeuvres of the planes that hit the World Trade Center are impossible to have happened. They state they could not replicateSee More

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Ryan Hall BTW Cuz, “Spalin Dis 2 me”:…/2016/07/image-25.jpeg


Basil Phanara
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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Eh hem! uhm Ryan Hall, just thought you should know Bro:…/2016/07/image-24.jpeg


Basil Phanara
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Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Yer Welcome Homie, Anytime Mang… 😉

Basil Phanara
Antonia Yomi Barrone
Antonia Yomi Barrone Ryan Hall you can choose to leave the group
reporting a post that you think needs to be removed by administrators will not help you
you have no proof that this claim is invalid it will remain up

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Basil Phanara
Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman If you cannot prove to us I SAID PROVE IT to us, then shut the f*** up.

Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Not sure who you are talking to Stuart Sussman but there is proof exploded all over this post. So if that is directed at this post…

You Blind Sucka! o.O

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman This is directed at anyone who cannot show proof. If anyone shows me proof, then I eat my words.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart Sussman Proof of what, your comment is too vague to understand…

Basil Phanara
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Nate Bialy

Nate Bialy If no planes hit it, then what did? Videos show planes and all witnesses say they saw planes. I’m ot saying 911 wasnt an inside job but we gotta keep it simple.

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Basil Phanara
Nate Bialy

Nate Bialy Thank you. Watching

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Nate Bialy

Nate Bialy The only problem with that, is it would be very possible for the 1st tower because virtually no one would be looking. The 2nd one would be impossible to fake with a missile because there were thousands of eyes watching. I still like this theory. I know it was a controlled demo- dont get me wrong 😉

Nate Bialy
Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Nate Bialy Did you watch the whole thing. He shows the Military vs the Civilian Radar records. From there he also pieces together the “orb” sighting very well.

He shows how the Holographic is inserted into the view so that even the cameras are fooled.

They do have advanced holographic capabilities now in the military but they won’t tell you.

The “ORB” is a drone fitted with the Holographic Projector.

Check this article out…/my-take-on-911…/

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Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara See also:

Webmaster’s note: I found the following on the Air Force’s official web site at: The following page is appears as it originally did at the above web address.|By Air Force 2025 Support Staff
Nate Bialy
Nate Bialy

Nate Bialy I mean on the original shot

Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Yes, the Holographic image was imposed over the missiles by the “ORB” which was fitted with a holographic projector.

Now that we are discussing it, I remember Richard Hall pointing out his belief that they used one drone for both missiles, which now makes perfect sense why the towers were not hit simultaneously with “Airplanes”.

That was bugging me forever, I was wondering why they (the planes) did not hit at or about at the same time.”

Now I get it. The “ORB” Drone had to have time to get back into position to “Escort” the second missile because they only had one projector in use!

Holy Shit!

Basil Phanara
Nate Bialy

Nate Bialy No Holograms. Just photoshop / video editing. Keep it simple.

Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara No, you can’t edit video in Photoshop and it is DAMN near impossible to insert CGI into a live feed.

Holographics are the culprit, you just have to let go of your disbelief.

The military has such devices capable of doing just what I am saying.

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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara In fact they, or China’s military, showed us just how advanced their holographic technology is or has gotten since 9/11 with this display:…/mysterious-city…/
Basil Phanara
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Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman My wife and I waited in triage on S. I. but no on came

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Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart you lost me there, what are you talking about? o.O

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman The world trade center.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara OK but what proof are you referring to?

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Proof that… [Insert subject here]…

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara See what I am asking now?

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman That the planes hit the WTC.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara OK I am still not sure of your position on the planes. Are you saying they DID hit the WTC or they DID NOT?

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman They did.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara OK now we are getting somewhere. Actually I have shown much evidence in this post that there were no planes sir. I encourage you to look at the article and read through the comment section here.

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman I looked at all that was there. Question, where are all the people of all these planes? How could they hide, impossible.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara There were no planes, the towers were hit by missiles. Look up in the comments at the conversation between me and Nate Bialy

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman Ok the family of these people. If u went to the site as I did u would see all the pictures hanging on fences and boards and they are crying, why would that happen. I had a customer who owned welding who was at the scene and he described it to me, he told of one who had a finger with his wedding ring on and they had to turn it over to FBI.

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman This is just one incident

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart Sussman Was the welder’s family member killed on a plane or in the WTC?

Stuart Sussman
Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart Sussman How well did you know this person?

Basil Phanara
Stuart Sussman
Stuart Sussman
Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart Sussman I asked “Was the welder’s family member killed on a plane or in the WTC?” and you answered “No”. o.O

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman He owned the welding co.

Stuart Sussman
Stuart Sussman
Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman What is ur point

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara OK So the welder has no evidence that the mourning families were morning over losses of deaths of their family members on the planes or in the WTC attack. Right?

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara So the welder does not address the question of whether planes hit the towers or not. That is my point…

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman They were not there

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara I was at Ground Zero as well, I saw the memorials and the poeple too…

Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman I am done, u r right. I am wrong, sorry.

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara So that is what I am telling you then, there were no planes, again I direct your attention to the conversation above between me and Nate Bialy

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Stuart Sussman I am not trying to belittle you Sir, I am just trying to show you what I have discovered for your benefit… o.O

Basil Phanara

Basil Phanara Don’t just give up…

Basil Phanara
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Stuart Sussman

Stuart Sussman What happened to the families?

Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara You mean from the WTC attack? From the Planes that really did not exist? There were a whole lot of what is now known to be “Crisis Actors” involved with the 9/11 Psy-Op. 9/11 was a GRAND Psy-Op perpetrated on the American people that gave our criminal government Carte Blanche to go into any country they wish to, destroy and destabilize it and rape it for all it is worth.

Suffice it to say that many thousands did perish in the buildings but there were no planes so there were no family members who died on the Non-Planes.

You see there were many “Disinformation Agents” hired to spread disinformation about this event (Purvey Lies) in order to convince the American populace it was real, as best as they could be fooled.

It worked very well and now there are people all over the place who think this was all a real attack but it was no more a “Terrorist Attack” than the last few False Flag attacks being staged in Germany right now.

The only TRUE TERRORISTS in 9/11 were on the government payroll.

They all profited from this event and are still profiting from it today in a very big way.

I could go on for hours about the details but it really is better if you just study the information posted here and other places in this group.

This one post alone has enough intel in it to solve the entire equation if one will just take the time to review it all.

Many won’t but many will and this is how “Conspiracies” transition from folklore to Fact and lead to prosecution of the criminals responsible and I believe we are very close to that stage now.

So please look at ALL the things posted here and you will have a very large head start on others who still have not even woken up yet.

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Paul Stephen Garnett
Paul Stephen Garnett Let’s not forget Basil the “plane” which supposedly hit Pentagon, made a lil hole then total disintegrated post impact ?
punch & judy hows once understanding how they pull these false flags off it makes ya laugh that couple blurry pics or ten second video is considered PROOF by fools, only proves to me they skimp on production team & director / props lol

Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs · Edited
Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara Paul Stephen Garnett I agree mostly with your revelation except for the fools part.

People ARE trying they just lack a mental capacity (and that is not meant as an insult) to grasp the enormity and gravity of a Psyop, let alone a Psyop this sophisticated.

So they are willing to believe what others tell them if the “others” can make it sound convincing without giving any concrete proof.

This is why I am trying to show “PROOF” with my explanation so people can see that “Proof” and test it for themselves.

That way they can be sure that what they learn “really is” true.. So, there is that…

Basil Phanara
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Basil Phanara
Basil Phanara

The “28 Pages” is a grand Psyop to sell the original “Official Narrative” of 9/11


The growing furor surrounding calls to declassify the “28 pages” in the September 11, 2001 attacks related congressional report written in 2002 appear to be a thinly veiled stunt to sell the official 9/11 narrative and further marginalize the 9/11 Truth movement by playing to the “bloodlust” Americans have for Arabs, according to an international lawyer and political analyst based in Bali, Indonesia.

via — PressTv

The 28 Pages AKA “The Classified 28 Pages”, released yesterday on 7/16/2016 or 7/16/16 – an interesting theory on that date, are an obvious BS coverup to give credence to the original BS narrative of 9/11 while at the same time giving credence to the Cover Psy-Op known to all as the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” narrative which fooled all or at least most of the 9/11 Truthers who, BTW, were co-opted by none other than Alex Jones who is constantly reminding his audience of that fact with his timely mentions here and there of the “Grey Sticks of Butter” quote and constantly telling them “We’re winning the infowar”, despite the fact that we are NOT winning anything, further programming his sheep using Neuro Linguistic Programming and they just don’t see it (A pure BS fluff line; evidenced by the fact the “Global Elite” are plowing over us and carrying out their plans with virtually no resistance from the Patriot movement).

In fact Alex Jones IS the very personification of that “Meta Physical Rule” he keeps alerting his audience to, you know how they (The Global Elite) have to tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it? Yeah, do you see the in your face irony of that one yet?

Alex is the great pacifier of the patriot movement, giving them a false sense that they have a say in this “infowar”. They watch Alex and Alex yells and cries on camera as well as shouting insults at the establishment goons and “Living to Tell About it” Oh come on!

They don’t kill him because he is their MINION! But he is damn good at group or mass hypnosis and so he remains and his followers will damn near rip your head off if you say anything bad about good ole Alex Jones and I can say that with confidence, because I used to believe Alex Jone’s lies too, until I woke up. Funny how the dreamers think they are awake isn’t it?

But I digress, getting back to the 28 pages, just one look at the PDF and you can instantly tell it’s pure bullshit. You mean to tell me that with today’s high technology we can’t even get a PDF that looks at least half way crisp and clear? Why does it have to look all old and “TypeWritery”? Is that to give us some fuzzy sense that it must be legitimate, because the document has that classic “over copied on 50 photocopiers” look to it?

How about that half-assed, half baked “Original Narrative” that was debunked over 9000 times over as false, even though the 9/11 truthers got the secondary narrative wrong as well (A & E for 9/11 Truth in case you wondered which narrative), it has been well established that planes did not bring down the WTC Buildings. Besides that the MSM Presstitutes and  A & E For 9/11 Truth never did explain the reasons for the destruction of the other 4 buildings of the 7 in the WTC complex. The whole time everyone only focused on buildings 1, 2, and 7.

What about building 6 and it’s GAPING hole or building four, where did that one go? How about the fact that the bathtub was left virtually undamaged even though we are meant to believe that several thousand tons of building materials fell straight down into it at FREE FALL speed. At that speed, the ground is gonna split somewhere pal. So why didn’t the bathtub split allowing the Hudson River to come flowing in like Noah’s Flood?

What you think you know about 9/11 is most likely not true. New Damning evidence comes forward that suggest the use of EXTREMELY ADVANCED technology and Directed Energy Weapon Systems (DEWS), including highly advanced Holographic Systems, on that fateful day we were all fooled. Invariably you literally cannot believe what your eyes THOUGHT you saw on that day…


So you can see from this simple juxtaposition of theories given along with Dr Judy Wood’s “Evidence Given”, that something is COMPLETELY awry and our loving gubbermint is yet again fast at work selling us yet another false paradigm in order to continue to keep us in the dark and hope we stay asleep so they can take more of our rights away in the name of “safety” and keep us dead broke and on welfare so we MUST depend on them for EVERYTHING while they chip away at “World Domination”, when we all could be learning the truth, waking up out of the “Matrix” and finally taking full control of our own lives and destinies instead of being mesmerized and slowly killed off one by one as they deem each of us to no longer be useful or necessary to their agenda(s).

The real truth lies in Dr Judy Wood’s Fact Based, evidential findings which she has published in book form and online for the whole world to see. If you remember Dr Judy Wood you may only remember how she was demonized by Alex Jones and Dr Steven Jones.

The same Dr Steven Jones who successfully discredited the real findings of Pons & Fleischmann regarding LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) calling it “Cold Fusion” a name that sounded cooky  and fringe (yet another example of the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming used to discredit real research) in order to garner public support for his ridicule campaign against the two Doctors of Science who had discovered real overunity.

Just like Pons & Fleischmann, Dr Judy Wood has endured the same bullying from Dr Steven Jones who launched his bullying techniques against her and with little wonder as he and the entire energy industry stand to lose their fortunes if word of Dr Judy Wood’s discoveries ever made it’s way in to the “Mainstream Consciousness” of the average Joe.

Just like the discovery of Pons & Fleischmann, Dr Judy Wood has shown fact based evidence that the technology used to perpetrate the “9/11 Terror Attack” Psy-Op was not only highly advanced, but was also powered by free energy technology.

The effects she examined were characteristic of the effects that John Hutchison has produced, and can reproduce with specific accuracy, in his lab experiments using Tesla Coils and a Van de Graaf generator which has made him famous as being the personification of his own work through his discovery called The Hutchison Effect:

A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials. It produces very high voltage direct current (DC) electricity at low current levels. It was invented by American physicist Robert J. Van de Graaff in 1929.[1] The potential difference achieved in modern Van de Graaff generators can reach 5 megavolts. A tabletop version can produce on the order of 100,000 volts and can store enough energy to produce a visible spark. Small Van de Graaff machines are produced for entertainment, and in physics education to teach electrostatics; larger ones are displayed in science museums.

You can see her entire body of evidence in the 2 plus hour video below where she explains her findings in great detail and hosts a Q & A as well. It is packed full of good information for you to use in your own research and investigations.

I have been also doing further research into her findings and have dug up some interesting discoveries of my own such as this article Directed Energy Weapons – Military Pursues Advanced Development of Laser and HPM Systems which I have recently published on this blog and also shared to FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Plus that lays out the UNCLASSIFIED version of the Joint Military’s interest in DEWS (Directed Energy Weapon Systems) at the “Directed Energy Summit 2015” wherein they discuss their desire to move their technology experiments “from the Lab into the private sector” for which, of course, they will provide substantial funding into that research and they planned to “accelerate” that research as much as they possibly can.

After reviewing Dr Judy Wood’s research and the information regarding the Hutchison effect, if you have any knowledge of the famed or infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” or “Project Rainbow”, you can see the similarities in the effects of those events. With regard to the Philadelphia Experiment, we know that experiment shows evidence of humans merging with the ship (i.e merged mid-way between floors and found also partially merged into the ship’s bulkheads). Sounds like a bad day in the transporter room on the USS Enterprise now doesn’t it. That very affect also has a scientific name known as “Molecular Dissociation”.

Now, according to WikipediaDissociation in chemistry and biochemistry is a general process in which molecules (or ionic compounds such as salts, or complexes) separate or split into smaller particles such as atoms, ions or radicals, usually in a reversible manner. For instance, when an acid dissolves in water, a covalent bond between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom is broken by heterolytic fission, which gives a proton (H+) and a negative ion. Dissociation is the opposite of recombination.

This same “dissociation” is what really happened on 9/11 at the molecular level, that much is obvious from the mere fact that the major building materials, Iron, steel, concrete, marble and even some aluminum and glass seemed to have just turned to dust all right before our eyes and even BEFORE the debris had a chance to hit or come in contact with anything else. There is even evidence of levitation as some of the toasted cars were upside down. You can find a great number of scientific white papers AKA “Scitations” on the subject of dissociation here.

Now, am I a credentialed scientist? No! Am I a Dr. of Science? Well, not in the field of molecular dynamics but I do possess a knowledge of computer science equivalent to a BS in computer science even though I never bothered to acquire a “DEGREE” (a little slip of paper that says I know my shit cuz I passed a test somewhere). But I am very knowledgeable nonetheless as I have a bent for research, and an “OCD like” fascination with how things work and the science theories that go along with them. In a nutshell, I have a knack for figuring out how stuff works. One has to assume that if you are reading this you may also have a similar bent in life so why not use your talents to test what I am telling you and join in the research.

So many people nowadays have the attention span of a gold fish (roughly 7 minutes) and a level of self discipline that mimics the behaviors of a professional crackhead. So instead of allowing yourself to become one of those “Professional Crackheads” with a 7 minute attention span, why not become the independent and critical thinker you were intended to be and take the information I am giving you in this article and “Running with it”, extending your knowledge of this subject as well.

Dr Judy Wood has shown that the myth of “FREE ENERGY” being a fringe science and unattainable is yet just another system of control to keep us down and dependent on the “System”, those who grant us permission to use the power they choose to delineate to us for “fair payment” in our “blood and sweat” (hard earned money).

If you need a kick-start on finding out more on the subject of over unity and free energy technologies, try these sources on for size:

Gerard Morin, Canadian Hobbyist:

YouTube Channel:


Stanley Meyer Inventor:

YouTube Query:


Let’s not forget John Hutchison and his colorful and quirky personality & sense of humor:

John Hutchison YouTube | John Hutchison FaceBook

The Alien Scientist:

AlienScientist – YouTube Channel:

The 9/11 Coverup – You were duped by Alex Jones

Red Pill Update 7/23/2016:

UPDATE: New Forensic Evidence about 9/11 revealed

CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9-11New evidence has surfaced from John Lear about the “Non-Planes” that are said to have crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11. This new information and forensic analysis can be found here CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9/11 as presented by Please remember to review this new information as well as the information in this post so you will b be able to better put the pieces together and discover the real truth about what happened at the WTC Complex on 9/11/2001…

We now return you to our original broadcast…

Dr. Judy Wood interviewed on | The Higherside Chats

The Evidence For Directed Free-Energy Tech Used On 9/11

02/21/2016 By TheCarlwood

AlexJonesLiedAboutSept-11When you hear the name Alex Jones, you immediately associate it with terms like “9/11 Truth” or “9/11 was an inside job”, etc. His name is now considered to be synonymous with holding the government accountable and exposing truth right?

What would you think if I told you that Alex Jones is actually a “Big Fat Liar”? Did you know that Alex Jones actually knows THE REAL TRUTH about what happened on 9/11? “Well of course he does” you say?

In fact he knows well more than you may ever know, until now…

Fact of the matter is that Alex Jones is and has been a major part of the 9/11 coverup and he has been pushing the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” facade on us ever since that fateful day on 9/11/2001

Listen to this broadcast and you will discover a Mind Blowing, Paradigm Shifting information revelation that will absolutely change your life forever…

Dr. Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson on the 9/11 Cover Up:

  • Alex Jones & Steven E. Jones Guilty!

This is an interview with Dr. Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson from July 1, 2013, by Pete Santilli. The discussion is about the ongoing 9/11 cover up, the deliberate muddling up of the facts and the perception management involved in the 9/11 cover up. There is also a recent clip of Alex Jones taking credit for “inventing 9/11 truth”, whilst hiding the fact that he has been a central figure in the cover up for the last 6 or 7 years at least. Jones has as enormous following, including many people who are so blindly devoted to him that they refuse to see him for what he really is.

Bill Cooper called Alex Jones out after the Y2K crap – – and he also essentially predicted 9/11, and that it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. Cooper was murdered on November 5th, 2001 – less than 2 months after 9/11. Jones later claimed credit for that 9/11 prediction, and still lies about Bill Cooper every chance he gets. That’s in addition to Jones’ central role in the cover up of real 9/11 truth, as opposed to the provably false authorised 9/11 theories e.g. thermite, conventional controlled demolition with bombs in the building.

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Directed Energy Weapons – Military Pursues Advanced Development of Laser and HPM Systems

WhereDidTheTowersGoSo many people believed the lie that was pushed to cover up the lie that was used to cover up the truth about what really happened on 9/11/2001.

What truth is that you ask? I’ll tell you what truth that is, it is the truth that 9/11 was an in your face demonstration of what can be done with a Directed Energy Weapon System. Yeah, it was most likely an inside job but what you may not know is that it was an inside job done with DEWS.

Once you are able to wrap your mind around the real truth of what happened on September 11, 2001 your entire world, thought patterns, life, paradigm is going to shift heavily and “you’re gonna need a seat belt cuz buddy yer gunna wanna hang on!”

“Your whole life is a lie” isn’t just a line from the movies, it’s a reality check like no other you have ever experienced.

Directed Energy Summit 2015

Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), 7 videos, 562 views, Last updated on Aug 17, 2015

On Tuesday, July 28, 2015, CSBA and Booz Allen Hamilton co-hosted a Directed Energy Summit. The event convened thought leaders and decision makers to explore new issues and solutions related to fielding directed energy (DE) and related capabilities, to address emerging DE threats, and to identify the advantages DE systems will provide for warfighters.


These guys know about the DEWS, in fact they COMPLETELY want to “Do the DEW” if you catch my drift…

Now the above presentation is just the UNCLASSIFIED version of what they tell us and the private sector for fund raising purposes. You can imagine what they have hidden behind closed doors at their “Skunk Works” sites and other Top Secret, Above Top Secret, and Ultra Top Secret sites.

The demonstration of power that took place at the WTC on 9/11/2001, I think, was such a display of unimaginable power at that time that the populace might have just gone completely mad if they knew the truth right away since it was wielded against us with such violence and force.

It is my firmly held belief that our government not only knew about Directed Energy Weapon Systems at that time, but may have also facilitated the event as a secret, yet public, demonstration of what they wanted to get research funding for in order to further improve and deploy this type of technological power on the battle field.

Remember that this kind of technology has already been discovered long ago by Nikola Tesla and has since been reproduced by other scientists and hobbyists. The information was also heavily suppressed and stolen when these people would go public with their discoveries.

The only hobbyist/scientist I can think of who has not yet been suppressed is John Hutchison. That may be because he is so publicly free with his quirky personality that they rely heavily on that to dissuade others from taking his research seriously or it may have to do with the fact that John Hutchison is SO WELL KNOWN by the world for his discovery, what with having “The Hutchison Effect” named after him and all.

DEWImg17One of the first Directed Energy Weapons that went public a long time ago is not even thought of by most as truly being a DEW but in fact it is. Most people don’t realize that the X26 Taser is a DEW because it has wires attached to the projectile delivery system. The thought does not occur to the average observer that even though this weapon relies on wires to deliver the payload, it is still a valid DEW. This Taser gun is something we are very used to seeing since it has been widely deployed by almost every, if not all of them, police department you can think of.

Like every other new technology, Directed Energy Weapons will only be revealed slowly and in a controlled manner to the public because of the shock value and the profit game. That coupled with those who want to continue to maintain absolute control over the new technology so as not to lose their position in the food chain, so to speak, will prevent you or I from seeing it all at once and in a timely manner that would allow us to become “truly independent” from the system.

This method of revelation is what separates “US from THEM”. “Them” being to ones who have all the technology and control because they control the narrative and the funding.

There are sources of information out there, if you can manage to get your hands on them, that talk about this technology and how to build it but they are not highly publicized and with good reason, at least good reason according to those who want to hog it all for themselves. If you want to get ahead of the curve and discover how to use this technology for your own independence and survival, you will have to actively pursue the “Free Energy” publications, mostly online, and sift through the facts, fictions, and disinformation campaigns to find information that works and is genuine. This is by design from those who do not want you to know the truth until they are ready to “sell you the truth”, right after they patent the technology so you can’t have it unless you get their permission or pay an exorbitant sum of money for that knowledge.

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These guys still hold all the keys right now and until we can change that we are going to be subject to their whims and that cannot be good for our futures. All these guys wanna do is make weapons that kill and destroy. On top of that the energy companies DO NOT want us becoming energy independent and they will do whatever they can to assure we do not find a way to never need them again. That would mean huge fortunes would be lost, many CEO types would commit suicide and many Millionaires, Billionaires, and or Trillionaires would become common folk and they don’t take kindly to not having power to lord over others for their selfish gain.

Still there are others out there that are willing to “Open Source” their technology discoveries, making the instructions and directions public for the good and benefit of all mankind.

John Hutchison is just such a humanitarian. He is very interested and concerned about our freedom from the power hungry control freaks who want to keep us all dependent upon them for our every whim and need. If you follow John Hutchison, you will have a very good head start on how to obtain, create, and maintain sound knowledge of free energy and how you can put it to work for you so that you can truly become free and independent once and for all.

Think about why you go to work for a moment. Is it just so you can pay your rent? Of course not, we go to work so we can earn money to give to someone else for our food, our cars, our gas, our rent, and our ENERGY… Our budgets go toward energy consumption at a ratio of nearly 2 to 1 when it comes to paying our bills. Energy consumption accounts for most of what we use to sustain our lives. With that realization you become painfully aware that ENERGY is our largest source of expenditure when it comes to spending money.

Just imagine for a moment what you could be doing instead of working for someone else to pay for all that energy. If you could generate your own FREE ENERGY, you could spend your money on other useful things like Your Own Property (no more rent payments to waste your hard earned dough). Build your own home. Dig your own well or be able to afford the cost of having it done professionally. Have time to plant your own garden and maintain that garden. Raise your own livestock on YOUR OWN PROPERTY!. Power your vehicle with the FREE ENERGY technology and never have to pay for gas again. Stop buying power from the Power Companies, Stop buying Natural gas to heat your home because your Free Energy device can power your heating equipment.

With free energy technology in the mainstream consciousness, people would not be held captive to the energy companies and their governments who now hold and pull all the strings. We could instead finally realize space travel, anti-gravity, world peace, self sufficiency and a host of many other benefits this technology could bring forth.


DE or Directed Energy alone can already be used in a “scanning” capacity, just like in Star Trek, to ID or Identify incoming craft from very far away. “Yes captain, we have just been scanned”. DEWImg06DE can also be used right now to disperse crowds through what is already known as “Active Denial Systems”. Our Military Industrial Complex is spending Trillions of our tax dollars on technology that kills people and also to just disperse people when they don’t require a kill such as times when they want compliance rather than extermination. They have even invented real force fields and even cloaking technology using Directed Energy. The technology is real and is “DEW-able”. With the advent of Graphene and advanced research into graphite based energy storage, we can even store energy for almost unlimited time frames and at high quantities with minimal space requirements. It all comes back to power and control.

Research Graphene on youTube <– Click that link.

Instead of using this technology for evil, we could and should be using it for the good of ALL mankind. This technology could provide unlimited free energy to the entire world. All peoples of every race, color, and creed could become their own boss and their own provider thus eliminating the need for the greedy corporations and their owners to exist anymore. Instead the world could become a species of producers, inventors, visioneers, and true space aged pioneers. We could finally colonize space, realize space based travel and economies. Hell one might even be able to buy their own planet in the future.

With the knowledge of free energy technology unleashed on the human race for good, there is no limit to what mankind could achieve, that also includes those who will still have an evil bent but we could also continue the research for self defense with this technology as well.

In closing I just want to leave you with this: Star Trek is not just a contrived fantasy for selling box office tickets folks, Star Trek is real and the realization of that type of world changing, lifestyle mutating, game changing knowledge is at your doorstep, it is knocking loud and clear but you first have to open that door and embrace that knowledge.

What will you do now…?